Founded by Shanty Theatre Company’s Tim Bell, Havoc exists through a network of artists that creates, promotes and celebrates innovative, surprising and entertaining theatre that is made to be accessible for all. Rooted in the Norfolk countryside, we place particular emphasis on promoting a compelling and sustainable East Anglian theatre landscape. We collaborate with many different artists from many different disciplines. We work in traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces. We place participatory activity truly at the heart of our practice. Havoc’s mission is to close the gap between artistic excellence and commercially popular entertainment through enticing, absorbing and enthralling theatre.

Havoc was formed during the process of making our first show, Dame Nature: The Magnificent Bearded Lady. Over the course of that project, we had plenty of discussions with artists, organisations and audiences making work in East Anglia. So many conversations in fact, that we came up with a manifesto.

We will…

  1. Provide pathways for work made in Norfolk to connect to the rest of the country, as well as encouraging more artists and organisations to invest in the region.
  1. Seek to challenge conventional form, and will pioneer new ways of inclusive, diverse storytelling.
  1. Develop the voices of young theatre makers, and enhance the opportunities on offer.
  1. Promote artistic excellence, valuing ideas. We will encourage theatre makers to be meticulous in their planning and brave in their realisations.
  1. We will connect audiences to theatre makers and explore the role of audiences in the making of new work.

Sometimes havoc is one person, sometimes havoc is many people. But we’re open to all.  If you’re interested in making work in East Anglia, we’d like to hear from you.

Dame Nature – The Magnificent Bearded Lady is our first project. You can find out more about it here.