comrade egg and the chicken of tomorrow

“We are going to liberate the hell out of 20,000 chickens.”

Welcome to The Chicken Appreciation Society.

Welcome to the mind of former meat processor, Comrade Egg.

She wants to change the world.

And she needs your help.

Comrade Egg and The Chicken of Tomorrow is a dark, funny and bold show about the meat processing industry. Using clowning, integrated BSL and your help, it celebrates the power of collective action and the brilliance of chickens, but not necessarily in that order.

Mother Bunch are an ensemble theatre company, based in the South-East and created by Lecoq-trained theatre maker, Bronya Deutsch. Mother Bunch make playful, inclusive and anarchic theatre about subjects that give them existential nightmares. Through exploring these subjects they plan to change the world.

Bronya has been making her own work for ten years and also works as a movement director and director. She has collaborated with companies and theatres across the UK, including Theatre By The Lake, Dukes Theatre Lancaster and Told By An Idiot. She has worked internationally with The Flying Seagull Project.